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Empty homes. Housing shortage. Mad! | Good Good Things

Empty homes. Housing shortage. Mad!

The weird logic of paying to protect empty properties rather than having people living in them… or knocking them down just to build new “affordable” housing.

There is a strange logic to leaving thousands of houses empty while developers and councils plot to work their way through the countryside building estates of cloned houses.  It is truly bizarre that this seems to be ok while there are thousands struggling in rental accommodation who have simply been priced out of the housing market.

It just seems the most backwards thing that Councils will knock down streets of perfectly good structurally sound houses to build affordable housing on green belt land rather than using what is there. How can this possibly conform to any sort of sustainability targets?

Channel 4’s Great British Property Scandal has highlighted this issue, Jason McCartney MP has brought the issue to the House of Commons with support from Andrew Stunnell —the Lib Dem minister responsible for empty homes— highlighting that ‘it is better for communities, for the environment and for the families who have the new home to live in’.

If we’re pushing people to consider the impact of their fashion and lifestyle purchasing decisions why shouldn’t we extend this consideration to our councils and what they spend our money on? In a cash strapped country why waste money on security of empty homes and temporary accommodation when we could be moving forward, cutting the wasted cash and making the most of the perfectly good buildings that we have and saving money in the long run.

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