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The True Cost | Good Good Things

The True Cost

The True Cost has just been released into the world, Good Good Things watched it last night and would highly recommend it as an informative but shocking real look into the effect of the fashion industry on the world.


Real life examples of the effect of the fashion industry on the world

For years the price of clothing has been decreasing in the well documented race to the bottom unfortunately the price for the world in human, environmental and economic terms has continued to increase. True Cost looks into each stage of the process showing it how it really is and the people that are affected.


Shima Akhter and her daughter // Female factory workers


True Cost features Shima Akhter a 23 year old garment worker in Bangladesh and her daughter. It charts her struggle to make a better life for her daughter so that she doesn’t have to work in a factory when she grows up. It also raises the tricky question of whether or not sweat shops are a necessary evil. After a significant amount of time in the industry as well as visiting many many factories it is easy to see how there can be differing views on the subject, no one should ever suffer for making our clothes however the thing that people often miss in these situations is the context. Working in a factory may not be the first choice for many westerners but in an industry manned in majority by women it sustains many families that would otherwise be forced to survive in much less pleasant ways.

The release of the documentary is timely as the news just broke that the owner of Rana Plaza along 41 others including a handful of government officials are being charged with murder for the deaths of over 1000 people in the worst industrial accident that the fashion industry has seen. In even better news it has just emerged that following a large anonymous donation the Rana Plaza charitable fund has reached its $30million target. This will allow all eligible parties to receive the compensation due to them.



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