Ethical and sustainable fashion needn’t be hippy, tie-dyed or frumpy: it can and should be just as appealing and innovative as high street or conventional fashion. I will be highlighting the most exciting styles coming from designers who are paving the way for sustainable fashion and lifestyle products along with any other craziness that fits the bill. By making the most of these good things and showing that there is an alternative to the mainstream products coming from environmentally damaging factories, we can present a credible alternative to the high street.

Soon there will be no need to label something “ethical” or “sustainable” it will just be. Through supporting these small brands we can build the momentum and show people that there is an alternative that doesn’t damage people or the environment.

I should perhaps explain how I came to be here at the start of Good Good Things. After nearly 6 years at a reputable High Street establishment and several years in PR I have acquired what I like to think is a unique perspective on the fashion Industry. The more I learnt about how things work the more questions sparked in my head, just because it is does not mean it has to be. I’m trying not to get so sucked in by the pile it high sell it cheap philosophy where everyone ends up looking like a version of each other, instead my plan is to only buy amazing beautiful things which I will wear over and over again rather than continuously contributing to the ever growing consumer fashion mountain. I want to raise awareness of the potential which will hopefully lead to great things!

If you’d like to get in touch please send an email to hello@goodgoodthings.co.uk